Kerstin Dohnal CEO

Kerstin Dohnal


“Impossible!” said reason.”Imperative!” answered the heart.

Kerstin Dohnal has turned her passion into a career – and doubly so. As a translator and interpreter, she pursues her love of languages and intercultural communication. She lives out her passion for travel and meeting people from other cultures as an expert on sustainable tourism and founder of destination:development. Human rights and social sustainability are a special concern of hers.

Martin Sternsberger Strategy & Marketing

Martin Sternsberger
Strategy & Marketing


“It’s not what you say, it’s the team you say it with.”

Martin Sternsberger has his roots in online marketing and is a dedicated businessman. For the past few years he has devoted himself increasingly to his passion as a communicator and bridge-builder between the worlds of technology and communication. As a trained coach and instructor, he guides not only colorful groups from various backgrounds on their road to becoming a team, but also young entrepreneurs through the start-up phase. He supports destination:development with his experience and expertise in marketing strategy, and with the conviction that socially sustainable projects are the way to a future worth living.

Benjamin Smits


“Diversity is the spice of life”

Benjamin Smits is a civil engineer who was looking for a change of career. After years managing multimillion dollar infrastructure projects, he sought to combine his knowledge in project management and sustainability with his passion for travel. With a keen interest in business, branding and marketing, Ben sees his role at destination:development as a facilitator who is able to motivate people to communicate the message of their destination through the use of effective story telling and communications, whilst keeping their culture and values alive.

Claudia Sprenger
Human Rights


“To live is to learn.”

Claudia Sprenger greatly likes working together with and for people with diverse personal and cultural backgrounds. Thereby the topics human rights and development are especially important to her. She also loves to travel. In the past years she could combine both passions by working in different organisations and countries/continents. The collaboration at destination:development allows her to contribute her expertise in the field of destination design and to advocate for the social dimension within sustainable tourism.

Paul Amann Culinary Art & Indulgence

Paul Amann
Culinary Art & Indulgence

PAUL AMANN (volunteer)

“An expert is a person who can say exactly why their prediction was wrong.”

Paul Amann is a trained cook. His culinary accomplishments are marked by several years in Vienna’s top restaurants. With a fresh degree in his pocket, this mature student first promoted Austria as a holiday destination and is currently working in the media sector. In his free time, he assisted refugees gain a foothold in a new culture with the conviction that diversity is an asset to any community. To his role at destination:development, he brings culinary skills and customer journey expertise.

Melanie Homma Sports & Activity

Melanie Homma
Sports & Activity

MELANIE HOMMA (volunteer)

“You have to have a little fun.”

Melanie Homma is a social pedagogue and works with people on the edge of society. A hobby volleyball player, she has grappled with the topic of how to use sports and activity as a means of integration and bridge building between people with various social backgrounds since her youth. More recently she considered this topic for her Master’s thesis. She sees her role at destination:development as a creator of encounters between people through free time activities.