4. August 2015

Crowdfunding for the “Chocolate Road” – Join in!

We believe in our crowd! It’s D-Day: Today, at exactly 15:00 hrs our first crowdfunding campaign will go online! We are very excited, because the start of […]
12. August 2015

We believe in our project!

One for all, and all for the Chocolate Road We are often asked, why we believe in the Chocolate Road. The answer is simple: Because we […]
2. September 2015

Preliminary result at crowdfunding-halftime

Our lucky numbers Just yesterday we were looking for our backer #100 on facebook, and today we have landed a double 100 score: 100% funding and […]
16. September 2015

Bolivia awaits us!

Bolivia, te espera! (Bolivia awaits you!) is the official slogan of Bolivia’s nation brand and today, the day we start our journey, also ours. Our bags […]
20. October 2015

Precision landing with a load of chocolate

We are back in town We, Ana María, Martin and Kerstin, have made a precision landing at the Vienna International Airport – with our backpacks filled […]
11. November 2015

In the land of fair, organic chocolate …

In the light of the springlike weather we invite you to escape with us for a little while into the land of fair, organic chocolate. We […]
10. December 2015

Cocoa, chocolate and “itchy feet”

How cocoa makes you want to travel This was last night’s motto at the multivision event of tourism expert Jürgen Bluhm  and ecologist Bea Maas at […]
17. December 2015

We have a plan

El Ceibo General Assembly discusses Chocolate Road It is done.: Our project plan for the Chococlate Road is ready and will be presented to the General […]
19. December 2015

Indulgence for the good cause

Unique Dinner for our backers Pure indulgence was yesterday’s theme of the night for Daniela and Notker, who have chosen a delicious dinner with Latin American delicacies […]
20. January 2016

The Chocolate-Road-Book arrived!

A concise project-guide to the Chocolate Road Freshly delivered and hot off the press: The first 10 copies of our project plan in Spanish have arrived […]
6. March 2016

Open ears, open minds

Why it makes sense to use our senses Last weekend, destination:development had the honour and pleasure to attend the Sonophilia Winter Retreat in Salzburg, a meeting […]
12. April 2016

Don Elmar about The Chocolate Road

Don Elmar has the floor now in the second clip of our mini series People about The Chocolate Road. He takes pride in being a „choclatero“, […]