Henrys first blog post
5. January 2017

Chocolate Road story published in ReveLA!

Tonight, the 6th edition of the ReveLA magazine – the journal on Latin America research – was presented at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Vienna, and includes a report on the Chocolate Road in Bolivia.

Not only we are thrilled about the publication of our story in the ReveLA magazine, but also our friends from the El Ceibo cooperative in Bolivia – and they are the ones the Chocolate Road is all about. It takes a lot of endurance, resilience and patience to build a destination from scratch, and therefore it is truly wonderful to get encouragement and positive feedback on this long and winding road. It is encouraging and gives us strength to see that there are people who are interested in the project.

Being published in the ReveLA magazine also gives us access to competent professionals specialized in Latin America, and we hope that our ChocolateRoadCommunity will find some new members and continue to grow. All authors were invited to present their stories and projects at the official presentation last night, including us. Unfortunately, the event coincided with the ITB Berlin, the world’s biggest tourism fair, where the entire travel business meets up every year, including us as well. However, we did not for the world want to miss out on the occasion to make the people curious about the Chocolate Road, and decided to send a video message. Many thanks to Fabiola, who made it possible for us to participate from afar. You will find more information about the event on ReveLA’s Facebook page.