We have a plan
17. December 2015
The Chocolate-Road-Book arrived!
20. January 2016

Indulgence for the good cause

Unique Dinner for our backers

Pure indulgence was yesterday’s theme of the night for Daniela and Notker, who have chosen a delicious dinner with Latin American delicacies as reward for their support of the Chocolate Road crowdfunding. Our culinary expert Paul enchanted our charming guests with traditional Bolivian dishes like sopa de maní (peanut soup), pique macho (a traditional meat dish) and sweet as well as spicy delicacies with chocolate, served with pictures and stories from our journey to Bolivia. We enjoyed interesting discussions about responsibility in tourism and got inspired by our guests’ suggestions for the Chocolate Road. Dear Daniela, dear Notker, thank you very much for an interesting and indulgent evening, and of course for backing the Chocolate Road.

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