Preliminary result at crowdfunding-halftime
2. September 2015
Precision landing with a load of chocolate
20. October 2015

Bolivia awaits us!

Bolivia, te espera! (Bolivia awaits you!) is the official slogan of Bolivia’s nation brand and today, the day we start our journey, also ours.

Our bags are packed, the workshops prepared, the scripts ready, our cameras loaded, our eyelids heavy, but our hearts light, because today we start our Chocolate Road – adventure in Bolivia.

At this point, we would like to say thank you to all our helping hands during the preparations, who put up posters, designed and printed concepts and materials, did research and much, much more, but never complained. What you did is simply invaluable.

Today, Ana María, Martin and me (Kerstin) are heading out to Bolivia, via Madrid to La Paz. In view of our limited time, we decided to go directly to the highlands and land in La Paz – a truly breathtaking endeavour, since we are looking at an altitude of approximately 3.900 meters above sea level. However, we are convinced that a positive attitude will already relieve us from half of our ailments and are looking forward to reunions with friends and exciting encounters with fascinating people in a great city.

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